Ormarr - Dragonborn

Unofficial Ruler of Desier


Ormarr is of the first generation of Dragonborn who were raised in Desier after Great Migration. He grew up in the village of the Dragonborn’s main tribe, experiencing firsthand the result poverty and exclusion had on his people, causing the home of a once proud race to degrade into a hotbed for criminal activities and senseless violence, both between Dragonborn and of the surrounding races. It was one of these acts of senseless violence that took his father from him at a young age. Using the anger and fear that resulted in his father’s death as a catalyst, Ormarr started to take action in his community (doing his best to feed and clothe the homeless and prevent street violence), eventually hoping to inspire values that his father had instilled into him – honor, pride, and standing up for what you believe in even when your back is against the wall.

In the wake of political turmoil in the Desierian nation, Ormarr has been pushed into the position of a de facto leader. His experience in battle and democratic attitude allow people to see him as a natural leader, and while the general public is in his support, others blame him for taking advantage of the situation to attain power. There have been factions of Dragonborn who have attempted to usurp the Desierian ruler, either as attempted power grabs for their own leaders or as frustration of Ormarr’s lack of results, but through some diplomacy (and some force), things have settled into an uneasy truce.

Through his endeavors, Ormarr has come to believe that understanding and patience is often more effective than violence, but this attitude has built up resentment towards those who seem to be less than willing to empathize or take action without thinking of the consequences. Much of this is directed towards the Pantheon, but extends to his own people at times. Even though Ormarr will set aside his differences for the greater good, and as long as progress is being made towards the goals of Dragonborn representation and against discrimination, Ormarr will bite his tongue, but his temper tends to be much shorter against the faces of these problems.

Besides dealing with his people’s volatile nature, Ormarr’s biggest struggles is his own fear that his is still too inexperienced/weak/incompetent to be the one to lead his people. The attacks on his leadership have been near traumatic for Ormarr, and he feels he won’t be the one to actually achieve the goals of his people. Much of his methodical attitude is the result of worries that he will end up doing more harm than good, but he leads with the belief that his methods will do the most good for now and consoles himself with the fact that the majority of his people support him.

Likes: Sweet dishes, the rain
Dislikes: Leisure time, red tape


Ormarr - Dragonborn

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