Turtle & Tortoise


Raised in a household by a single mother, Turtle grew to be sensitive and simple. He is often seen with his long-time best friend and roommate, Tortoise. His lack of social grace turns out to be charming, but he sometimes falls into the wrong crowds as he is easily influenced and lead astray, something Tortoise has had to warn him against on multiple occasions. He often gets made fun of how easily he startles – jumping at loud noises, and running/hiding when met with confrontation.

Likes: People, places, and things
Dislikes: Jerks, pain, the dark but not because he’s scared because he just can’t see his way around okay?

Grew up in a privileged and strict household, his father paid his way through college in the hopes that his son would grow a little more responsible. He is often seen with his best friend and current roommate, Turtle. Tortoise is afflicted with Airhead Syndrome, causing him to forget expensive tablets on bar stools (Turt ends up carrying it around), momentarily lose focus and get distracted by shiny things, and get kidnapped by sea snakes. He fancies himself a poet and artist, and when confronted with the fact that he’s not very good at either, replies that he does it “just to get chicks bro.”

Likes: Parties, girls, monsters
Dislikes: Buzzkills, authoritarian figures

Turtle & Tortoise

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