A rare substance of pure elemental power. Elementium can be found in many different forms but the most common form is stones. Veins of these stones are found deep in the earth, mostly of Earth and Fire elementium but occasionally Light, Darkness, and Water Elementium are found. Other places it can be found is in places of extreme conditions. Top of mountains, bottom of the ocean, and the edge of the world to just name a few. A few monsters have also been a source of elementium. On rare cases goblins have been born with Fire elementium. Dragons are also sources of the 4 core elements.

Elementium has various properties. One of the most well known is its energy output when exposed to an opposing elementium.

Each type of elementium has an opposing type. Below they are listed. Necrotic Elementium is an exception. Necrotic is in opposition of all the types. This makes it one of the strongest but also the most unstable.

Fire – Water
Earth – Air
Light – Dark
Creation – Destruction
Essence – Illusion

The predictably explosive property of elementium has lead to a few rudimentary machines that use the energy to perform small tasks. Very expensive but a good proof of concept

Being the basis for nearly all magic items, Elementium has a high demand market in Magus Guild and other interested parties.


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