Monsters Encountered

Rage Drake

A common war mount and companion to several monster races. They are commonly found in mountain ranges away from any kind of settlement, human or otherwise.

Physical Characteristics

Fully grown Rage Drakes stand about four feet high from toe to shoulder and are about 8 feet long without the tail. They are covered in dark colored scales, common colors include red, purple, brown, and green. These scales are tough, giving them a great deal of armor but surprisingly do not reduce their agility. A Rage Drake has fewer scales on its belly but the beast protects them carefully.


Drakes range in size and abilities but the Rage Drake is the best fighters of the bunch. When attacked they become enraged (big surprise), this gives them a large advantage in combat. Their ferocity when enraged is enough to rip through all but the strongest of metal.
A recently discovered quirk of these beasts is their love for belly rubs. During a raid by goblins at Halure a group of fighters were able to subdue a beast by rubbing its belly. An odd combat maneuver but it appeared effective.


Being intelligent and reclusive, Rage Drakes are hard to train. Many of the Magus Guild are unsure how the monster races are able to train the beasts. Recent years have brought in reports from Explorers of the Seven Slopes of seeing Goblins steal eggs from the Rage Drake nests. This leads researches to believe that the monster races are training the drakes from birth.


A tough race of non-humans, they organize themselves into small tribes dotted around the world. Their language is much more guttural than the rest but has been learned by several scholars of the beasts. Goblins also have an unhealthy obsession with fire. The villages they raid frequently have learned to make their houses of fire resistant materials.

Physical Characteristics

Short and green are their strongest traits. They usually wear little more than torn rags when in combat, but have been noted to wear warmer looking clothes in the higher mountains.

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Monsters Encountered

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