Souled Races


Humans have the most power and are the most common of the souled races. This has caused friction with the other races as they see humans as too powerful. It does not help that humans historically have the greatest ambitions. They are attributed with the creation of the guilds, the organization of the church, and the creation of Aspio. But, humans are also known for the greatest tolerance of the other souled races, and even monster races.


One of the longest living races. Elves are common in the world and powerful, but they do not hold much power. They are not concerned with the matters that bother those with short life spans. They are a patient race but when driven to action, they are swift in accomplishing it. Elves do not commonly mingle with other races and kept to themselves. In recent years their numbers have decreased for unknown reasons, many just disappearing entirely. No one knows where they disappear to, but none of the remaining elves seem bothered by these disappearances.


One of the most secluded races, dwarves are rarely seen above ground for long periods of time. There are notable exceptions, namely the high level members of the various crafting guilds. Dwarves are the least tolerant of the other souled races, making their nation of Yurzorea rarely visited.

Dwarves are considered the best craftsmen in the entire world. While not always innovative, they can master the creation of something quickly. This coupled with their long lifespan allows them to create trading companies that last for many many generations. The oldest such example is Ram Shadow. They create most of the common goods of the world, from rope to paper to quills.




Considered the most monstrous of the souled races, the Dragonborn face constant prejudice from the other races. While the church has recognized them as a souled race, no Dragonborn has held a positions of power in the Pantheon. This has only furthered their grief with the rest of the world. This pressure has culminated in recent years in a great migration of Dragonborns to the Desier continent.

Commonly organized in small nomadic tribes, the vast amount of new citizens in Desier has forced a more offical government to take form. Ormarr has been a leading factor in this unification and as a result is the unofficial ruler of Desier.



Monster Races


Not much is known about this previously uncontacted race. Their short statures and aptitude for forging metals seem to indicate some dwarven ancestry. Azers are found deep in caves and volcanoes, as they enjoy heated environments and are shown to be immune to even incredibly high temperatures, as they are unperturbed while being completely submerged in lava. Azers have a tribally structured society, generally traveling and working together while living in familial homes.

Although they seem to be able to defend themselves when necessary, they tend to be shy and curious creatures, preferring to hide and watch instead of making first contact. Azers seem to be nonmagical, but have a particular illusory ability that allows them to manipulate light and heat waves to create an afterimage of themselves, allowing them to distract enemies while they retreat to safety. These afterimages are intangible and do not move or react, serving mainly as projections. Azers have been determined to be nonaggressive and do not pose a threat.

Azers enjoy a diet of incredibly hot food, often to the point of being burnt to a crisp or too spicy for human consumption. The rare lava fish is considered an Azeric delicacy.






A sub-race of elves, the Eldarin and the Drow are a strange race. Unlike the half-orcs that inherited their soul from the humans, the Eldarin and the Drow lack it. Eldarin share the long life span of the elves and have a greater connection with magic. They are the greatest practitioners of portals and teleportation, being able to manipulate the Fey Flux with less practice than other races. Due to their monster blood they are not allowed by many nations to set up towns of their own and cannot live in many major cities. This has led them to live in the forests and mountains, away from prying eyes.





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