Cypher: Brave Fantasy

The Modern Creation Myth

What the Pantheon tells you

In the vast void of the world before, Eternia was the last remaining god from an ancient war. The land she walked was desolate, ruins of the past world the only sign of what once was.Eternia grew sad from being reminded of what was lost so she created two children, Xilla and Abyssia. Xilla was given the gift of creation and Abyssia was given the gift of destruction. Each was told by Eternia to make the world a better place. Xilla created new life and Abyssia removed the old desolation. The task of creation was difficult, so Xilla gave life to two new gods,Vesperia and Phantasia. Vesperia was given a drive to create order and Phantasia was given chaos. For a time they worked together well, creating the mountains and the rivers and the sea, each a piece of order and chaos combined.

Abyssia grew jealous of Xilla’s children, unable to give life to her own. Abyssia convinced Phantasia to help create for her humanity, a force of destruction and chaos. Humanity quickly spread across the land. Beings of chaos and destruction, they soon annoyed Vesperia.

To turn the power of humanity back towards order, Vesperia created the the final three gods. These three would impart in humanity a sense of unity, duty, and destiny, effectively turning them away from their instinct for destruction. Symphonia watched over the sense of unity the humans had, helping to establish cities. Duty was overseen by Asteria, and helped to create nations and jobs. And lastly, Zesteria was give the task of watching over the destiny of humanity.

With these new gifts, humanity became a newer, more powerful, force of creation than Xilla could have hoped for. The sense to destroy the old and create something new was a novel idea to all the gods except Eternia. But Abyssia and Phantasia were not pleased with the manipulation of their creation. Phantasia gave humanity one final gift to bring back the balance of chaos and order, magic. This new source of power created rifts in humanity, eventually leading to the various souled races.

Abyssia was still not satisfied. She wanted destruction to reign supreme, to be a final act, not the start of something new. Her anger grew and grew, until she opened her mouth to scream. From her mouth, instead of sound, came monsters. They gathered before her, ready to do her will. Abyssia knew the gifts from the other gods would be too great for the new creatures so she gave them gifts to match those of her fellow gods. She gave the monsters wildness to match the gifts from Vesperia. She gave intelligence to match the gifts from Phantasia. But these gifts were not enough to match the force that humanity has become.


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