Capitol: Zaphias (southern plains)


Halure is the home for the Pantheon. The most notable feature of Halure is the large Cherry Blossom Tree that spans thousands of feet. This tree is the center piece of the Pantheon Religion, supposedly having been planted by the gods themselves.

Cities of Interest

Aspio: City of Mages Guild (North East of Halure)
The city of Mages, Aspio is the home of nearly all magical knowledge. Established by Humans about 500 years ago in a massive cave at the base of the Seven Slopes, it has been the hub of information and discovery. It is one of the few cities that welcomes all races without question and is still able to maintain healthy trade with other cities, or even nations.
Aspio is home to the Magus Guild and its many different branches of study. The Guild is housed in a large university at the back of the cave.

Capua Nor: Costal Trade Port (Western most Tip near Tolbyccia)
Diedon Hold: Military Outpost for Ilyccia (Middle of the forest strip)
Diedon Hold is what prevents the Monsters of the Thunder Plains from attacking the Capitol Zaphias.
Established hundreds of years ago, the Diedon Hold has been a bastion of the land, protecting it from Brutal and the other monsters of the Thunder Plain during the summer. Ancient Magic protect the structure of the most damage the monsters can cause, but over time it has become weaker. They also track the location of Brutal during the summer to help keep shipments across the TP safe.
The current commander has been there for 20 years. Last year was the worst one yet. Brutal made a direct attack against the fortress and was nearly able to destroy the wall. But they managed to repel him after firing nearly their entire stock of oil, black powder, and Fire Elem. The damage has been repaired this year and as a result of the quick thinking by the Commander he has been promoted. Also since the politicians of the Capitol see the safety of Diedon Hold as more important now, they have stationed more troops there this year. As a result, the commander requires more materials to train the new recruits.

Zaphias: Capitol of Ilyccia

Places of Interest

Seven Slopes

The Seven Slopes is the large mountain range on the northern section of Ilyccia. While more than seven mountains make up the range, the highest peaks (Willow, Yew, Redwood, Oak, Birch, Spruce, Pine) are much taller than the rest.

The Seven Slopes are famous for the large amounts of Monsters due to their lack of civilization. Home to a large nest of Rage Drakes, the goblins frequently raid their nests for eggs to raise as their war mounts. This has caused the Drakes to move farther into the mountain to avoid the goblins and give more obstacles for nests.

The human settlements near the north are also constantly under threat by the goblins. Each season the goblins comes down from the mountain camp to take the tribute of the village. If they are unhappy, they raid the village and steal their food and gold.

Shiakos Ruins

A temple built to the worship of Phantasia. The temple has been abandoned for a few centuries now. Recently a group of adventures explored the ruins and mapped it out. They found several small artifacts left behind by the previous worshippers.
Not much is know on why this temple was abandoned.

Thunder Plains

South east of Halure and north of Diedon Hold, the Thunder Plains are home to very little in civilization. Ravaged by beasts each year during the Summer, little lives here but monsters and travel only happens on road during the Fall – Spring. If travel is required during the summer, a group of Guild Members can be hired for protection, but this is not a guarantee.

Quoi Woods

A mysterious woods, rife with magical energies. Many consider these woods to contain a source of magical energy that replenishes the Elementium in the world, but no one has ever found this source, partly due to the danger of the woods and its vastness. Also, monstrous noises can be heard from the woods on Full Moons, many believe it to be from the Mother Wolf from legends.


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