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This page will contain a few different standing jobs that can always be completed if no goal can be decided upon.

Also listed below are some Radiant Missions (taken from the Skyrim quest system). These are improved with the player.

  • Bounty / Hunt
  • Find Rare Materials
  • Deliver Goods to a dangerous location


Bring Robern Blackfire (Mike | Metalman) to Trial

Job Type: Bounty
Client: Turi Orebeard
Client Location: Dieden Hold
Destination: N/A
Description: Robern Blackfire is responsible for destroying my forge and my business. I want him brought to trial and forced to pay for his actions against my family.
Reward: One Masterwork Weapon of Choice

Remove the bandits from Quoi Woods

Job Type: Bounty
Client: Ellar, Commander of Diedon Hold
Client Location: Diedon Hold
Description: A small group of bandits has set up camp deep in the Quoi Woods and have attacked several merchants heading to Diedon Hold. I am sure they will be forced to move on in the summer due to the monsters, but they have started to hinder the troop moral since the last shipment they took was of a fine Dragonborn ale from Danhgrest. The troops and I were greatly looking forward to an evening of enjoyment. I ask that you remove the bandits and return the Ale to us if there is any left. I shall pay you directly and invite you to join in our revelry.

Discover Secrets of Heracles Reef

Job Type: Exploration
Client: Natural Phenomenon College
Client Location: Aspio
Destination: Heracles Reef
Description: The Heracles Reef has recently had a large number of disappearance. None of the ships that have disappeared have been carrying cargo so no merchants have paid for an investigation. The Magus Guild has launched an investigation after a ship claimed lost has appear intact in the northern sea abandoned.

Chart the Seven Slopes

Job Type: Exploration
Client: Nature College
Client Location: Aspio
Destination: Seven Slopes
Description: The Seven Slopes are a large and dangerous place. Several missions have been launched to chart its entierty but it has proven too large for any single party. The Nature Guild has created magical devices to allow information from a party to be relayed and refrenced with other sets of information. Each party can supply a new set of information. The plan is over time to create a full map.

Take notes on the Goblin and Kobold Tribes

Job Type: Escort
Client: Monster College
Client Location: Aspio
Destination: Seven Slopes
Description: The goblins and kobolds of the Seven Slopes are a relative mystery to the world. Very few have been able to communicate with them for valuable information. Your mission is to achieve communication and gather some history. A scribe will accompany you on your mission to record the history of the goblins and kobolds.

Capture Live Monsters From Thunder Plains

Job Type: Live Capture
Client: Diedon Hold Military
Client Location: Diedon Hold
Destination: Thunder Plains
Description: The guards of the Diedon hold are well trained machines, capable of killing the monsters of the plains with ease. The training process involves many trials, several of which require live monsters. Your mission will be to capture these monsters to be used in training. They can be injured but permanent damage will not be accepted.

Escort caravan across the Thunder Plain

Job Type: Escort
Client: Merchants and Commoners in Diedon Hold or Halure
Client Location: Halure or Diedon Hold
Destination: Halure or Diedon Hold
Description: During the summer months the monsters of the Thunder Plains become much more active for unknown reasons. The Magus Guild believes it is due to the presence of a slumbering monster that only wakes during the summer.

Escort Goods across the Sea

Job Type: Escort
Client: Merchants
Client Location: Capua Nor
Destination: Another Port Town
Description: The seas are a dangerous place, full of sea monsters and pirates. The merchants of the sea request guards for their longer journeys to avoid loss of product.

Find rare materials

Job Type: Exploration / Discovery
Client: Magus Guild
Client Location: Aspio
Destination: Unknown
Description: The Magus Guild is home to several colleges of magic, each with their own needs. Many rituals require strange materials that have either been picked clean in the surrounding area or are dangerous to collect. They request assistance with the collection process. The urgency of the job depends on the item required. Some merchants stock up on materials while some mages require materials quickly for a ritual they are about to perform before the new moon.

Jobs Board

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