The Terca Pantheon

The Terca Pantheon is comprised of eight nations that form the Holy Republic of Eternia.
Each nation houses three Cardinal

Pantheon Composition

The Pantheon is comprised of a single Pope and 25 Cardinals that rule the Holy Republic of Eternia. Each of the five nations houses five Cardinals that over see the judicial branch of the government.


The Cardinals act as the law makes and judges of that law in the nation they are assigned. They themselves are not exempt from their own laws, but the laws they write tend to not apply to them one way or another. If any law is enacted and the leaders of the nation refuse to accept, the Pantheon’s personal army forces their hand. This is an action that has never been taken in living memory.


The Pope has the power to over rule any law created by the Cardinal and grant pardons to any one he sees fit. Rarely in the history of the Pope has this action been taken but the fact that it exists causes friction with the leaders of each nation.

Some time after a new Pope is crowned, he writes down a name in secret for his successor. The newest Pope is Sam Pherson, and he is also the youngest Pope ever.

List of Popes

  1. Shaereah Silver – Ruled for 18 years
  2. Xeaz – Ruled for 59 years
  3. Scirrri Malcot – Ruled for 37 years
  4. Tuthavoo Yellowboot – Ruled for 3 years
  5. Frisix Fishtooth – Ruled for 90 years
  6. Tanae Willowood – Ruled for 134 years
  7. Voaai Gath – Ruled for 26 years
  8. Aeroulifli – Ruled for 14 years
  9. Dens Harthen – Ruled for 48 years
  10. Sam Pherson – Crowned for 4 years, Current

The Terca Pantheon

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